When you request pricing from an ADRG representative, do you receive the pricing in a timely fashion?
When you request pricing from an ADRG representative, how quickly do you expect a response?
Do the pricing estimates you receive from ADRG reflect the project specifications you outlined in your request?
Do you feel that the ADRG Estimator asks relevant questions or offer useful suggestions regarding pricing?
Thinking of the cost of data collection, with “5” being the most expensive firm in the industry and “1” being the least expensive firm in the industry, where would you place American Directions in terms of pricing?
Does ADG typically hold to the initial pricing estimate?


Are your scheduling requests responded to in a timely fashion?
Thinking about the time it takes to get a survey done, do the fielding schedules you receive from ADRG typically take longer than you expect, about what you expect, or less time than you expect to complete a project?


Thinking of the time it takes to setup a CATI program, is the amount of time ADG takes for setup:
Are the data files you receive back:


Do you feel you are sufficiently informed as to the status of any projects when they are in the field?
Do you feel that the Client Services Representatives clearly understand and communicate the details of your projects?
When you have a question or make a request of a Client Services Representative, do you receive a timely response?
Is the information you receive from Client Services Representatives accurate?


Have you ever listened to calls being made on your behalf by American Directions interviewers
How would you characterize the CONSISTENCY of interviewer quality?
Does ADG deliver on your QUOTA TARGETS?
Some clients have multiple data collection vendors. How many different firms do you work with for telephone data collection?
If you work with more than one firm, which statement applies to you?
Are you interested in multilingual telephone data collection capabilities beyond Spanish?
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